1Empower Investment Group strives to be the best in online advertising with a simple mission: to help our clients connect with their most relevant audiences and consumers, and to make it simple and cost effective.

80% of individuals aged 32-44 buy products on the Internet, and 72% of people aged 55-64 and 71% of 18-32 year old also purchase things through the Internet.  With all age groups combined an overall 71% of all U.S. adults shop online.  Well that’s great, and it’s no secret!  But the high complexity of running a campaign is scary, and can scare any business away from online advertising.  That’s where Empower Investment Group comes into play.  We wouldn’t have achieved our success without the passion of our team and determination to live by the principles on which Empower Investment Group was founded:

Power connections. Our company’s mission is to re-invent the way brands communicate to their consumers in a connections-based world.

Do good and give back. It’s a simple idea that can change the world.

Laugh. Belly laugh.  Loudly.  Every single day.

Be a team player. Teach and learn.  Be tenacious and be humble. Do the job you have and the job you want.

Celebrate. Dress up for Halloween. Eat cupcakes on birthdays.  Never forget that the little things mean the most.


Empower Investment Group was founded in 2013, and although a new company, it has leaders that have over a decade of online advertising experience.   The founder of the company has worked for leaders in online advertising, that include Career Builder,USA Today and had offers to work with companies like Google, Yodle, Yelp, and Groupon.

After realizing that there are shortcomings in every business model, we decided to launch these packages of new products that included a mix of the industry best practices, and along with some other industry best kept secrets.

While Empower Investment Group started in a down economy, it strives and has hundreds of clients today.  We want other business owners to experience our same success, and will provide them with the best opportunity we can deliver.